Living in lockdown has affected us all in various ways and our, health, fitness and wellbeing are main areas that have come under so much pressure.

If lockdown has left you feeling tired, unmotivated, and just BLURRGH, then you need this!!

To say I am excited about this is an understatement.
I have been busy behind the scenes putting together something that will be so awesome and I ready for you to find out... but.....
Are you ready??
If you are looking for a kickstart, a sign, a message to tell you to start to get something done about it..... THIS IS IT!!

  • Have you been neglecting yourself?
  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed and stressed?
  • Feel like you have let your health and fitness goals slip?
  • Juggling far more than is possible?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions and you are ready to take much better care of yourself, but you're not sure where to start ---- Then I am here to guide you.

We will spend 28 days together VIRTUALLY--- and give you back your motivation, energy and sanity. Like the sound of that?

If you are ready to reset your motivation, and press the RE-BOOT button on your health, fitness and wellbeing keep reading.
Grab yourself your diary and get these dates crossed out.
We start on Saturday 1st August till 28th August 2020.

Here is just a little snippet of what I have got in store for you

  •  Live fitness classes - variety of session for all abilities
  •  Live cookery demos - Healthy food/snack ideas
  •  Relaxation and meditation
  •  Recipes
  •  Self care
  •  Daily / weekly challenges
  •  Great tips and advice
  •  A library of fitness sessions
  •  and a whole lot more...... ( you will need to be a RE-BOOT recruit to find out more )

I cannot wait to share this experience with you to help you go from unmotivated, knackered and blurrgh to nourished, refreshed and feeling on  of your health goals again.
Are you with me?

I will be helping you RE-BOOT your body and mind to be the best version of you again. You deserve this time to spend on you for your own self care and wellbeing. Now is the time to start!!
If you have a friend who you also think may like the sound of this or you feel needs some advice and guidance please share this event and lets help as many people RE-BOOTED.

If you have any injuries or medical conditions
please let me know in advance

Rebecca's RE-BOOT is virtual so it's all online - you don't even need to get out of your PJ's if you don't want to!
We will meet in a private facebook group which is for RE-BOOT RECRUITS ONLY.
You can join in live or watch back at a more suitable time for you.
You can get all of this and more for the early bird booking to Rebecca's RE-BOOT for just £20 (until Friday 24th July)
After this date it will be the usual price of £28.
Sounds Exciting yes?!!

To book yourself a place and become a RE-BOOT RECRUIT just click the store button below to get started.

Please note access to all events on Facebook is for the full 28 day duration only to continue to benefit you must remain a part of the RE-BOOT group by joining each month.