F L E X is a new online class perfect for today's lifestyle and the "new normal"

There are so many benefits and is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.
Don't even worry if you haven't exercised or stretched in a while, or a very long while .... it's no problem, I am here to guide you right from the start and support you every step / stretch along the way.
F L E X is a new awesome, fun, modern approach to increasing movement, mobility, and flexibility.
You will  it!!!
I am one of the FIRST 90 qualified instructors across the UK to offer this program and bring it direct to you in your living room.
5 days of FLEX program -
What will you get? - Apart from all of the benefits below.....

Release tight muscles
Move more freely
Improve your posture
Loosen stiff backs
Improve range of movement
Better circulation
Release stiff shoulders
Better alignment
Improved balance
Improved physical performance
Losen tight hips
Can create an energetic shift or release

 5 F L E X workouts with unlimited access Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, & Fri
 Self care
 Great tips and advice
 and a whole lot more......
 No equipment needed (But a foam roller and stimulating/prickle balls will be of great benefit as we progress, I do have some available for purchase and can send a direct link to the company who supplies them too)

FLEX is virtual so it's all online - you don't even need to get out of your PJ's if you don't want to!
We will meet in a private facebook group which is for F L E X
You can join in live or watch back at a more suitable time for you.
All of this 5 day F L E X for just £14.99
To book yourself a place and become part of F L E X just click the BUY NOW button below and I will invite you into the group.

So excited to get you started .
(If you have any injuries or medical conditions please let me know in advance